Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tips To Using Sense for Sexual Satisfaction

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To get a more enjoyable sex moments, not enough to just rely on the touch or kiss. Movement-that alone would make sex seem boring and only become routine.

In order for sex activity towards a higher level of enjoyment, use all your senses. How do you use? This is the tips, as quoted from The Site.

1. Sense of sight

- Make your room look more sexy in a different way. usually, sexy and romantic nuances raised by the lamps or candles dim, replace it with bright colors and warm to add mood to make love.
- Buy a new lingerie and wear to give a different nuance to the moment you and your husband made ​​love.
- Some women prefer having sex in a dark room conditions. For this time, try to share intimate moments with your husband with the lights still burning. Let you both mutually admiring each other's bodies.

2. Sense of hearing

- Try to play several different the kind of music when you and he are having sex. See what happens in sex while listening to quiet classical music, energetic dance or rock is fierce.
- You can slip 'dirty talk' on the sidelines of sex activity, for more burning desire to make love with your husband.
- Do not hesitate to issue a sensual voices. For example when he touched the G-spot or clitoral stimulation.but, do not be too loud, because it can hear other people (neighbors, children, families, etc).

3. Sense of smell

- Perfume can increase sensation during lovemaking. Before making love, spray a little perfume on your favorite blankets, sheets or pillowcases.
- Certain types of fragrance can enhance sexual performance. Use a few drops of essential oil-scented jasmine or sandalwood.
- Try also lotions or oils with fragrant herbs and flowers.

4. Sense of touch

- Do not do just one movement, Try a variety of touch sensitive areas to stimulate you and your partner. A touch can include tingling, rotate or rub. Combine the fast and slow movements.
- The texture of the material sheet or blanket can also create a unique sensation during lovemaking. Replace your cotton blanket with silk, satin, etc.

5. sense of Taste

- Fruits can be used as an alternative means of foreplay. Choose fruits that are not difficult to eat such as mango slices, grapes, strawberries, melon pieces or Sunkist oranges. For a more pleasant taste, add the melted chocolate. Enjoy this moment with you and your couple feed each other.
- For the drink, try wine, champagne or sparkling juice.
- If you want a more extreme and seductive, pour whipped cream, chocolate sauce or syrup onto your partner's body. Then 'enjoy' him as 'dessert' in the bed. (wolipop)



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